The Southeastern Spine Institute

Yes, It’s Safe to Visit the Southeastern Spine Institute

As difficult as back pain can be, nobody wants to risk getting the coronavirus while seeking pain relief. At the same time, you need to know that you’re at less risk of exposure to COVID-19 at the Southeastern Spine Institute than at a hospital or a family doctor’s office. Don’t wait or postpone treatment for […]

Common Neck Injuries

How Common Are Neck Injuries? Neck injuries are very common and can happen suddenly or gradually. The damage done to this vulnerable area may be mild or severe. If you have neck pain from trauma, it may involve damage to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, discs or vertebrae. If you’ve experienced a neck injury, it […]

How Your Doctor Diagnoses Your Back Pain

You know when your back hurts, but you may not be able to accurately tell your doctor exactly where the pain originates. Back pain is often referred from other areas, especially when it comes to pain that starts in your spine. That’s why you need to rely on the experts at the Southeastern Spine Institute […]

The Proper Way to Wear a Mask and Why

How Do I Wear a Mask Properly for COVID-19 Precautions? Taking precautions, as directed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), helps slow the spread of COVID virus. These COVID-19 precautions include washing your hands frequently, staying at least six feet away from people who don’t live with you, avoiding large crowds or […]

Why Is the Practice Called an Institute?

Back pain is one of the most debilitating health problems. It’s the third-most common reason for visits to a doctor’s office and a leading cause of missed workdays. It’s also the leading cause of physical disability. When you have back problems, your life changes drastically. To maintain your quality of life, seek back pain relief […]

Osteoporosis and Your Back

Do Osteoporosis and Back Pain Always Go Together? Osteoporosis is a common condition in which bone mass decreases, causing bones to weaken and become brittle. It develops when your body isn’t creating new bone as quickly as it’s losing old bone. It affects both men and women, usually over the age of 50. While osteoporosis […]

How the Southeastern Spine Institute Protects You from COVID-19

Everything’s been disrupted by the novel coronavirus. Even necessary doctor visits have been impacted. You may be asking yourself questions, such as: Should I go to my doctor for normal, scheduled checkups? How do I deal with this pain in my back without my doctor? Does my medical practice offer COVID-19 protection? What do virus […]

10 Tips for Caregivers

Caregivers are often family members or friends who take care of you in need. A broader definition includes paid care providers. Following a back surgery or another procedure at the Southeastern Spine Institute in Charleston, SC, you usually have to rely on the assistance of a caregiver, either paid or volunteer. If you’re the caregiver […]

How to Prepare for a Virtual Back Pain Appointment

A virtual doctor appointment gives you an opportunity to get expert medical care from the comfort of your own home. Also called telemedicine, a virtual doctor appointment uses technology that includes voice, video and data for consultation, diagnosis and maybe even treatment. Using this technology is safe and secure. It’s not a new concept, but […]

What Is a Pinched Nerve?

When a bone, cartilage, muscle or tendon press on a nerve, it causes pain, tingling, numbness or uncontrolled twitching. Pinched nerves can occur in your neck or back. Pinched nerve pain can radiate up or down your arms or legs. Sometimes, chest pain may be due to a pinched nerve. Always seek immediate medical help […]