The Southeastern Spine Institute

3D Imaging in OR

The Southeastern Spine Institute took a step forward in revolutionizing our operating rooms with the recent acquisition of Excelsius3D™. 

This imaging system, manufactured by Globus Medical Inc., incorporates three imaging modalities into one multifunctional platform. 


This 3-in-1 imaging system has several smart features that enhance the platform’s versatility and capability. Consolidating cone-beam CT, fluoroscopy, and digital radiography into a single unit eliminates the need for multiple imaging devices throughout one procedure.


Southeastern Spine is dedicated to providing the best patient care possible and this new 3D technology is making diagnosing and treating back and neck pain now more advanced than ever before!

Frisch Tim - OR Monitor

Advanced 3 in 1 imaging, another way The Southeastern Spine Institute is Always One Step Ahead.

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