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Ultrasound is a painless medical test that helps your doctor diagnose and treat certain medical conditions. Unlike X-Ray, which use radiation, ultrasound exams use reflected sound waves to examine parts of your body. There is no radiation to the patient during an ultrasound examination. The ultrasound scanner consists of a console which contains a computer, video display screen and a small hand-held device called a transducer that is used to scan the body. The transducer sends out sound waves and then listens for the return or echo of the wave, much like sonar technology. Images are immediately visible on the video display screen.

Our physicians use ultrasound for a variety of exams. Examples include examining muscle or soft tissue, and the guidance for placement of needles and medications during injections. Ultrasound
is painless and the ultrasound machine does not confine, enclose, surround or rotate around your body during the exam.

  • Ultrasound is safe for pregnant patients.
  • You should wear loose-fitting comfortable clothing for your ultrasound exam.
  • The portion of your body being examined will be undressed, and you may be asked to wear a hospital gown during the exam.
  • You will be asked to remove any jewelry from the area of the body being examined as these objects interfere with the quality of the image.
  • Your doctor may give you other preparation instructions depending upon the examination that is being preformed

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