The Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

The Southeastern Spine Institute uses the latest technology to treat chronic pain. One innovative treatment utilizes stem cell therapy, which encourages your body’s own stem cells to heal damaged tissue. This procedure can address orthopedic pain in knees, hips, shoulders, feet or ankles.

SSI has found that Stem Cell Therapy may also remedy pain from spinal disc injuries or conditions that haven’t improved following a conservative approach, such as non-surgical treatments.

Candidates for Stem Cell Therapy

The first step in providing stem cell therapy in Charleston is to determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. This often requires a consultation with one of our board certified surgeons. At the consultation, the doctor reviews your medical history and performs a physical examination. You also may need X-rays and an MRI.

Stem cell therapy isn’t the best treatment for all cases. If we discover you are not a good candidate for stem cell therapy, we’ll discuss other treatment options with you. Our conservative physicians believe in exploring all options before resorting to surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Details

If physicians at SSI determine that stem cell therapy may benefit you, they will schedule a treatment. Briefly, here is what to expect:

  • You are given anesthesia or sedation through an IV, similar to what you would receive for a colonoscopy. Even though you may be awake and talking during the stem cell therapy procedure, you should have very little, if any, recollection of the procedure itself.
  • An experienced spine surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, or trained physician removes some of your bone marrow.
  • The bone marrow goes directly into a device made by Celling Biosciences that separates the stem cells from the rest of the bone marrow.
  • The separated stem cells are then injected back into your body in the area of damage or injury to aid in healing.
  • The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes.

Recovery from the Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

After you recover from the anesthesia, which normally doesn’t take very long, you can go home. You can immediately return to your pre-procedure activities without restrictions.

Your surgeon may ask you to return to the Southeastern Spine Institute for a few post-operative appointments. Our staff also follows up with you by phone, email or mail so we can track your healing progress.

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