The Southeastern Spine Institute

Bone Growth Stimulators

If you’ve undergone a spinal fusion procedure, your back surgeon may prescribe a bone growth stimulator. This technology works as an adjunct to the surgery. You may need a bone growth stimulator if you are susceptible to bone healing problems, although surgeons often prescribe it as a preventative measure following surgery.

For example, a bone growth stimulator is beneficial after a multi-level fusion procedure or for patients who have certain co-morbidities, such as a smoking habit or diabetes. A bone growth stimulator as a supplemental form of treatment helps to enhance your body’s bone healing process.


Your bones are living tissue with the ability to heal themselves, as you know if you’ve ever suffered a broken bone or fracture. What you may not know is that your body creates an electrical field that promotes the healing process.

A bone growth stimulator enhances the body’s natural bone healing process by adding electrical current where it’s needed. This technology is especially helpful for people who have undergone spinal fusion operations.


Your spine surgeon may prescribe a bone growth stimulator as a precautionary step, to help you heal, or if the normal healing process has not progressed fast enough, usually determined several months post-operatively. In either case, you may need X-rays.

The bone growth stimulator device can be implanted or applied externally. If implanted, you will have to undergo standard preoperative tests. If you will apply the device externally, you will only need to learn how and when to use it. The staff at SSI will make sure you have complete instructions before sending you home with the device.

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