The Southeastern Spine Institute

Back Braces

Back braces, also known as lumbar sacral orthoses, often are prescribed as a conservative way to manage and prevent your pain from getting worse. Braces help stabilize your spine, minimize intra-discal pressure and support weak spinal musculature. Back braces have proven to be effective and easy to use.

Depending on your particular problem and level of pain, you may find that a brace helps to ease your pain, allowing you to continue your daily routine at home or at work. By using a brace, you may be able to enjoy more activities than before.

Sometimes, braces are prescribed post-operatively to help your spine heal more quickly. Braces keep compressive loads off your spine and restrict certain movements and motions, such as bending and twisting.

If your doctor prescribes a brace for you, our Durable Medical Equipment Coordinator will fit you with a brace. Along with the brace, you will be provided with instructions on how, when and why to use it.

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