The Southeastern Spine Institute

Back Surgery Recovery Tips

Recovering from back surgery takes time. But it can go faster and with less discomfort when you closely follow the directions of your spinal care team at the Southeastern Spine Institute. While diagnosing or repairing back problems is the goal of back surgery, your continued health and well-being are just as important. Ideally, you have […]

Top 10 Foods to Help You Heal

Whether you’ve been injured or are recovering from medical treatment you must do everything possible to rehabilitate your body. Adequate rest, physical therapy and medications — as recommended by your doctor at the Southeastern Spine Institute — are all critical to your recovery. But don’t neglect the power of healing foods. While striving for a […]

Rehab Options After Back Surgery

Rehabbing from back pain, especially after surgery, may be different for you, compared to others you know who’ve been through it. Your overall health and age, as well as the type and complexity of the surgery you had, are all contributing factors to a targeted rehab program just for you. The doctors of spinal medicine […]

Pregnancy Issues After Back Surgery

Pregnancy and bad back issues seem to go together almost as much as a hand in a glove. As your body continues to adapt to the new life inside of you, it also has to make several adjustments that enable you to deliver a healthy baby. In the early stages of pregnancy, your body begins […]

Caregivers’ Guide to Back Surgery Recovery

Helping a family member or friend through back surgery recovery can be an exhausting yet fulfilling feat. But you have to keep a healthy balance between delivering the best care to someone after surgery and not overworking yourself. Caring for yourself as much as you care for your loved one creates the best environment for […]

Back Surgery Blues: Fighting Depression

You’ve come a long way in this challenging journey. Now, you’re at the point of preparing for back surgery. Each step closer has brought you more complex information to process, various solutions to consider and unfortunately, the possibility of depression. While you’ve bravely battled chronic pain and uncertainty on a daily basis, overwhelming worry and […]

The Safest Exercises Following Back Surgery

The process of back surgery recovery, though often long, should include a consistent exercising and stretching routine for an effective, safe and fast recovery. The benefits from exercising far outweigh the rigor of the programs. And the consequences of not exercising are even more costly. At the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI), you’ll meet your physical […]

5 Tips to Bend Properly After Surgery

The doctors at Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) take a conservative approach to healing back pain, so surgery is always the absolute last resort. If your doctor has come to the conclusion that you need back surgery, it’s more than likely that nothing else has worked to eliminate your back pain. If, after all other more […]

Safe Sports for Bad Backs

Just by their nature, all sports put pressure on the spine and it’s wise to learn how to protect your back no matter what sport or exercise you choose. It’s well accepted that exercise and sports can improve your overall sense of well-being and can help to heal and strengthen your back. Maybe you’re thinking […]

Warm-Up Exercises After Back Surgery

Warm-up exercises are critical to improving the health and structural condition of your back during your back surgery recovery. While the desire to rest your back is entirely natural, it’s not the optimal way for your back to recover from the stress and trauma of back surgery. An active lifestyle that includes regular exercise is […]