The Southeastern Spine Institute

Whether you’ve recently suffered a back strain or you’re just plain tired of feeling persistent back pain, you can find relief at the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI). You have many choices. Come to SSI to get a second opinion or to get special care for minor injuries.

People from across the Southeast schedule procedures with the renowned experts at SSI. Others come to multi-task: get the best treatment and spend a little downtime in the beautiful coastal city of Charleston, South Carolina. Still others come because they know they can get any service they need to treat their back problems in one location. The three-acre medical campus is a destination in and of itself, with sufficient facilities to handle everything from a pulled muscle to degenerative spondylolisthesis.

Doctors at SSI are all board certified and rank among the top physicians in the country. Talk to a spinal physician who’s trained to treat back pain conservatively. Consult with a spine surgeon who’s experienced in dealing with an array of back conditions.

Care for Minor Injuries

The back specialists at SSI believe there are no minor problems when it comes to your back. Early diagnosis and preventive treatments are the hallmark of SSI goals. The entire staff strives to provide the most appropriate care they can. Fewer than 10 percent of SSI visitors ever need surgery.

If you’re in pain from a spine condition or injury, you can get the right diagnosis and the best treatment at SSI. Consider just a few of the non-invasive procedures that SSI is known for:

Celiac Plexus Block
Facet Joint Injections
Lumbar Sympathetic Block
Medial Branch Block
Occipital Nerve Injections
The MILD Procedure
Trigger Point Injection

One-Stop Shop
Instead of running all over town (or around the country) in search of a certain test or therapy, get everything you need at SSI. The spinal specialists can diagnose, treat and provide follow-up care for your back in one location. The conservative approach to back care for minor injuries or major procedures runs through every department.

On the Mt. Pleasant campus, you’ll find:

The View Doesn’t Hurt

Once you’ve visited SSI, whether you’ve undergone an outpatient procedure, are getting care for minor injuries, or are in town for an ongoing study, you can enjoy the historic town of Charleston, less than 20 minutes from the SSI campus.

The attractions, the food, the shopping and the hotels draw visitors from around the world on a regular basis. Ask for recommendations or go explore on your own. And don’t forget the beaches!

It’s All about You

Everyone at SSI is concerned with only one thing — your health and best interests. And you can expect to receive the same level of attention whether you visit to care for minor injuries or get a difficult diagnosis from a renowned back doctor.

So whether you’ve just hurt your back or have lived with back pain for years, come in to SSI for the kind of treatment that gets to the root of your health issue. You can get treated for your pain while ensuring that the underlying condition doesn’t get worse. Visit SSI. Call 843-849-1551 for an appointment today!