Spine Animations

Spine Animations

Tip of the Week

Poor posture can damage the spine and its associated muscles and ligaments. A hunched stance places abnormal stress on muscles and ligaments, causes backache and fatigue, and can even cause the spine to become fixed in an abnormal position.

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Trigger Point Injection

A Trigger Point Injection is a Pain Management procedure. The conservative physicians at the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) perform Trigger Point Injections primarily to treat pain related to muscle spasms.

To treat a muscle that has knots or trigger points that do not relax, your doctor injects a local anesthetic, and in some cases cortisone, into the muscle. These injections can provide long-lasting pain relief in many types of myofascial pain.

Preparation for a Trigger Point Injection

A Trigger Point Injection usually takes only a few minutes. Your Pain Management physician inserts a small needle into your muscle’s trigger point. With the injection, the muscle relaxes, eliminating your pain.

You can have several muscle sites treated in the same visit. You may need several office visits to achieve lasting relief. Check with your doctor.

More Information

For more information about nerve blocks and epidurals, refer to Southeastern Spine Institute’s Block Suite.

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