The Southeastern Spine Institute

Charleston, South Carolina, is just minutes from the Mt. Pleasant campus of the Southeastern Spine Institute. The Holy City is one of the best places in the country to visit both before and after your back surgery. With a plethora of restaurants, museums, attractions and historical markers, you can mix recovery with a little vacation or enjoyable downtime.

And when it comes to beaches, you won’t find many better. Keep in mind, however, that Charleston beaches aren’t actually in the city of Charleston, even though they’re often referred to that way. The greater Charleston area, however, lays claim to a mighty fine strip of Atlantic coastal sand.

Take Precautions

As you head out for a day at the beach following your back surgery, keep in mind that the sun may affect the way your medication works. Narcotic pain medicine can cause you to feel slightly light-headed, which can be exasperated by direct sunlight. Stay hydrated, wear a hat and stick close to a caregiver who can monitor your stability as you walk barefoot through the surf.

Sunscreen is another requirement when visiting the beach, especially after your back surgery. Even though your incision may be small, make sure it remains covered if you spend any time in a swimsuit or revealing top. Scars darken if exposed to the sun within six months. Also, make sure you follow doctor’s orders about getting your incision wet.

Charleston Beaches by the Shore

Now, as promised, here is a brief rundown of the five best Charleston beaches:

  1. Folly Beach: Just 15 minutes from downtown Charleston, Folly Beach has a laidback atmosphere and crowd-free shores. Folly is called the “edge of America” because of how far into the Atlantic Ocean it juts. The beaches are wide and the surfing is solid, making for an enjoyable and entertaining excursion.
  2. Isle of Palms: The beaches on Isle of Palms are ideal if you have kids and want to enjoy a truly family-friendly atmosphere. Most of the people you’ll meet while walking the beaches on Isle of Palms are residents who prefer a quiet environment. Seniors also find the Isle of Palms a welcome relief from the surfing communities on other Charleston beaches.
  3. Kiawah: At Kiawah Beach, you’ll find 10 straight miles of uninterrupted beach just ready for a fly rod or a kick in the surf. A number of golf resorts call the barrier island of Kiawah home; this could be a good choice if your partner or caretaker enjoys golfing while accompanying you to your surgery. The beaches on Kiawah are pristine, so don’t be surprised to discover a sand turtle or white-tailed deer while walking through the sand.
  4. Sullivan’s Island: The beaches on Sullivan’s Island stand more as strips of protection for the historic buildings and village preserved on this Revolutionary War battleground. At the mouth of the Charleston Harbor, the 3.3 miles of beach on Sullivan’s Island are owned and protected by the town with easements and maintenance that make them a perfect place to walk in safety and security.
  5. Seabrook Island: The Charleston beaches on Seabrook Island are among the most remote, ensuring a tranquil day at the beach following your spine surgery. A 30-minute drive from Charleston proper, the three miles of sandy beaches on Seabrook Island are protected by the private community that owns the land. Another peaceful excursion awaits discovery on Seabrook Island.