The Southeastern Spine Institute

Disclosure of Ownership in Southeastern Spine Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLC

During the course of your physician/patient relationship, the Physician may at a future time refer you to Southeastern Spine Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLC (“ASC”). The ASC is an ambulatory surgery center separate from Southeastern Spine Institute (“SSI”). The address of the ASC is Suite 100, 1106 Chuck Dawley Boulevard, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464. The […]

6 Strategies for Dealing with Back Pain

Why Is Back Pain a Big Issue? In most cases, back pain is a disruptive condition that millions of people experience each year. The most common type of back pain is lower back pain, which , varies from acute to severe. Back pain limits your productivity by restricting your mobility, making it difficult for you […]

Lose Your COVID Weight to Protect Your Back

Where Did the Weight Come From? Like much of the world, you were probably cooped up during the pandemic. Living under a lockdown offered few opportunities to get regular exercise. One of the few pleasures left, besides eating, was likely settling in for a night of Netflix. Now that the lockdown is over and you’re […]

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Exercise?

Is Too Much Exercise Really Bad for Me? Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Working out strengthens your muscles and bones, and it even improves your mental health. While medical professionals recommend exercise for improved fitness and for rehabilitation from back pain or injury, you can overdo it. Too much strenuous exercise […]

Ease Back into Your Exercise Routine Post-COVID

Why Can’t I Jump Back into My Exercise Routine? Now that the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, lockdowns and quarantines have largely passed, you may be looking forward to getting your life back. But take heed before restarting your pre-COVID exercise routine. The months of inactivity in your home has probably taken a disastrous toll on your […]

What Makes the Southeastern Spine Institute Special?

Why Do I Get the Best Care There? At the Southeastern Spine Institute, quality patient care and verifiable results matter the most. Back pain is often debilitating, forcing you to sit on the sidelines of your life instead of fully participating. The back pain specialists in this Mt. Pleasant, SC facility represent the very best […]

What Happens When You Ignore Back Pain?

Can Back Pain Worsen if You ignore It? Don’t ignore back pain of any kind. While you may think you just overdid it in a workout or felt like you pulled it wrong while working around the yard, ignore back pain at your peril. You don’t have to suffer back pain in silence. Check with […]

What’s Worse: A Sharp Pain or a Dull Ache?

What Does a Sharp Pain Mean? To determine the significance or danger of any back pain, your best strategy is to first check with a doctor, such as the spinal medicine specialists at the Southeastern Spine Institute. If your pain is sharp enough or debilitating enough, seek medical help. But even a doctor will tell […]

Can You Go Hiking with an Aching Back?

Will Hiking Hurt My Back? If your doctor approves, hiking can be a great activity for you if you suffer from back problems. The exercise strengthens your core and leg muscles that serve to protect your back. Your muscles become much more flexible, which improves all of your movements. Hiking with back pain won’t necessarily […]

Does Your Diet Affect Your Spine?

Is My Diet Damaging My Spine? When the diet you consume is unhealthy, you miss out on the necessary nutrients that your bones and muscles need, which can affect your spine health. There may not be a direct link, such as the path from eating donuts to suffering back pain, but the indirect link does […]