What Happens When You Ignore Back Pain?

Can Back Pain Worsen if You ignore It? Don’t ignore back pain of any kind. While you may think you just overdid it in a workout or felt like you pulled it wrong while working around the yard, ignore back pain at your peril. You don’t have to suffer back pain in silence. Check with […]

What’s Worse: A Sharp Pain or a Dull Ache?

What Does a Sharp Pain Mean? To determine the significance or danger of any back pain, your best strategy is to first check with a doctor, such as the spinal medicine specialists at the Southeastern Spine Institute. If your pain is sharp enough or debilitating enough, seek medical help. But even a doctor will tell […]

Can You Go Hiking with an Aching Back?

Will Hiking Hurt My Back? If your doctor approves, hiking can be a great activity for you if you suffer from back problems. The exercise strengthens your core and leg muscles that serve to protect your back. Your muscles become much more flexible, which improves all of your movements. Hiking with back pain won’t necessarily […]

Does Your Diet Affect Your Spine?

Is My Diet Damaging My Spine? When the diet you consume is unhealthy, you miss out on the necessary nutrients that your bones and muscles need, which can affect your spine health. There may not be a direct link, such as the path from eating donuts to suffering back pain, but the indirect link does […]

The Best Pillows to Prevent Back Pain

A sore back not only causes you to lose sleep, but tossing and turning at night may also be the cause of your back pain. You can create a vicious cycle of unending back pain if you can’t get comfortable while you sleep. While you should start with a good mattress, you also should invest […]

When You Have to Stop Running

Running involves high-impact and repetitive stress for long periods of time. And when your lower back feels strained, it can be an indication of overuse and stress — or a more serious problem. Unfortunately, it’s often due to your running schedule. While it may be your first instinct to keep moving through the pain, disregarding […]

After Your Surgery in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Once you’ve undergone back surgery in South Carolina, you may need to take it easy for a few days before heading home. If you live quite a distance from the campus at the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) — as many patients do — you may need to wait even longer before you can travel comfortably. […]