The Southeastern Spine Institute

Living with pain isn’t easy, but one in four Americans think they have no other options. Often, the pain is misdiagnosed, leading to wrongful and addictive pain medications.  Understanding that there are several underlying reasons for your pain helps you better deal with it. And this is especially true for back pain, the most common reason people seek out pain management.

Pain management at the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) is science with humanity. The doctors listen to your pain complaints before giving you a thorough medical examination. Pinpointing the reason behind the pain is the key to giving you lasting relief.

Reasons for Your Pain

Pain can happen anytime in your life. In fact, at any given moment, about 100 million Americans are suffering from pain. Although older people feel more severe pain than young, pain doesn’t discriminate. But you don’t have to suffer. Pain management plan with your doctor can help you maneuver through your life without feeling debilitated.

A common reason for pain is an injury that hasn’t healed properly. Lifestyle also plays a big role in your pain. If you lead a sedentary life or sit for long hours at your desk, your back — along with your legs, shoulder and neck — can start to hurt. Putting on weight, the way you chew your food and taking certain medications can complicate your condition, causing or adding to your discomfort.

There also are several medical conditions that can cause pain. Diabetes and high blood pressure, for example, can elevate certain pain nerves. Ruling out these and other severe medical conditions like a herniated disc or arthritis is reason enough to consult a pain management specialist at SSI.

Non-Surgical Treatment

In addition to exercising and eating right, there are many non-surgical treatments that can help eliminate or reduce your pain. Your doctors at SSI always try non-invasive procedures first. Many of these treatments take only a few hours, and they’re performed right in your doctor’s office.

Some treatments that your spinal team of doctors may recommend include:

The sooner you consult a specialist, the faster you’re on the way to recovery. Because doctors at SSI only treat back pain and associated painful conditions that originate in your spine, you’ll always get a thorough explanation of your condition and the right treatment plan. And you can get it all in one location, from minor surgery to physical therapy — the whole team is on the Mt. Pleasant campus.

Surgical Options

Sometimes, it happens that your condition has worsened or doesn’t respond to minimally invasive treatment. In these cases, you may require a more drastic medical treatment. This could be due to your age or how long you’ve been suffering. Surgery at SSI is always the last resort. But it can release you from your pain.

Depending on where your pain is, doctors might suggest:

Surgery may sound scary, but with the right doctor by your side, you may find it stops your pain once and for all. Then again, some pain management treatments can be as effective to relieve your symptoms. The pain specialist doctors at SSI always recommend a plan of action that involves physiotherapy and minimum medication to ensure your long-lasting health.