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Summer means hotter, longer days. Since school is done for the summer, you have a lot of time to bond with your children. It’s the perfect time to catch up after the routine of work and school. As a parent, it’s your duty to find safe summer activities for both you and your kids. After all, you don’t want an accident to ruin the much-awaited summer. Depending on the ages of your children, rough-and-tumble activities may get someone hurt, including you. But safe summer activities don’t have to be boring.

If you or someone in your family is experiencing any kind of back pain, schedule a checkup at the Southeastern Spine Institute in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Make sure everyone’s healthy before you make any plans. Once you have the green light from your doctor, discover some fun but safe summer activities.

Have You Tried Introducing a New Hobby?

Ever thought of bird watching as a family activity? This is a therapeutic opportunity to unwind as you teach your kids how to be patient and attentive. It’s fun spotting birds and trying to identify their species. Some of the reasons to go bird watching include:

  • It’s an outdoor activity, which gets you and your kids away from big and small screens.
  • Breathe in the fresh air as you introduce your family to the serenity and beauty of nature.
  • It’s one of the most affordable and rewarding summer activities your family can enjoy.

Of course, there are hundreds of other hobbies you can help your children get started on. From starting a family book club to teaching your kids cooking skills, the list of topics is endless. Ask them if there’s something they want to learn how to do and proceed from there.

What about Special Events?

Do you ever worry that your kids are spending too much time online, on their phones or in front of the television? If they’re not in touch with their real-world surroundings, maybe it’s time to help them out with a visit to a local county fair. Some reasons a visit to your local country fair is a good idea include:

  • It’s a unique family outing during summer.
  • There may be rides, food, and other entertaining exhibits.
  • You can meet friends, neighbors and others.
  • Your kids can interact with live animals.
  • You all learn about agricultural activities.

For the children, this is an eye-opening experience that they’ll talk about for weeks. For you, it’s a family excursion. For all of you, it allows you get some air and exercise.

Why Not Build Something Together?

Arts-and-craft projects provide safe summer activities indoors or outdoors. When you find something you’re all interested in, it creates a bond, whether you’re teaching or you’re all learning together. Think of fun projects, such as:

  • Jellyfish sun catchers, made out of stained glass
  • Birdfeeders made from wood or plastic
  • Felt popsicles as toys or decorations
  • Painting, which includes everything from finger-painting to watercolor
  • Paper airplanes, which you can make into a competition
  • Sand art candles as gifts or personal expressions

The idea is to do something together as a family. It’s a fun way to fill those idle days when you don’t want to go very far. And the kids will love the opportunity to get messy.

What Are Other Safe Summer Activities?

After so much time working and attending school, you can do with a break. Hiking is the perfect idea. It’s free, outdoors, healthy and peaceful. Pick an appropriate hiking trail for you and your family’s abilities to avoid the risk of injuries. Why go hiking with family? Reasons include:

  • Connect with nature
  • A safe and relaxing activity for everyone 
  • Therapeutic effect to relax both body and mind

Whether you hike a mountain trail, go on a wilderness trek or a walk along the beach, it’s the healthiest and safest form of exercise. Read reviews and ask for referrals from other parents to find the perfect family-friendly hiking trails.

These are only a few of the fun and safe summer activities you can choose. If you have nagging back pain before, during or after these activities, contact a spine specialist at the Southeastern Spine Institute to get some relief, prevent further damage and continue having summer fun with your family.

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