The Southeastern Spine Institute

The medical doctors at the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) promote a conservative approach when it comes to spinal medicine. If you are in pain, SSI has a highly regarded Pain Management department to ease your symptoms. SSI’s spine physicians then use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to determine the root cause of your pain.

It’s only with an accurate diagnosis that you can receive appropriate treatment. Some spine physicians may opt for exploratory surgery, but that’s costly, invasive and often unnecessary. At SSI, your medical doctor will take his time with you to gather all the facts. If a CT scan or X-ray is required, SSI has the equipment within its offices. If an MRI will better illuminate the issue you’re having, SSI has one of those too.

After the Diagnosis

Once your Charleston spine physician has made his diagnosis of your condition, he often will order a series of procedures of gradually increasing severity. Surgery is the final step, and it’s performed only when every other treatment has failed to correct your condition. Your spinal physician knows that fewer than 10 percent of back patients require surgery because so often a less invasive procedure works.

And SSI has many non-invasive procedures to call on when needed. The list of non-surgical procedures is lengthy but includes:

Conservative Spinal Medicine

SSI’s spine physicians use a conservative approach to easing any neck, back, arm and leg pain you might be experiencing. The physical medicine and rehab care you’ll receive at SSI has two goals:

  1. To get you on your feet again
  2. To cure your physical ailment

The first helps you return to your normal life. The second helps ensure that you don’t have to return for future treatments. To get you there, the medical doctors at SSI follow a conservative treatment path. Non-surgical solutions are always tried first. Their approach to spinal medicine looks like this:

  • First, stop your pain.
  • Find the root cause of your pain with the latest diagnostic tools.
  • Make sure you won’t get worse by returning to your daily life.
  • Devise a treatment plan to heal your back.
  • Try non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical techniques to heal your back problem.
  • Surgery, even minimally invasive surgery, is a last resort.
  • Get you back to your daily life, as safely and quickly as possible.
  • Rehabilitate as necessary to strengthen your back.
  • Provide educational counseling so your condition doesn’t return.

A Multidisciplinary Approach

The Southeastern Spine Institute is a collection of physical medicine and rehab doctors and spinal surgeons under one roof. The experts in the various disciplines work together to diagnose and treat your back problems. Together, SSI’s medical doctors determine an appropriate course of treatment and rehabilitation for you, starting with the most conservative approach and moving toward more aggressive treatments. Because doctors with different specialties collaborate to heal you, you can be sure that they have left no possible treatment option unexplored.

Whether you’re in Charleston or elsewhere, you owe it to yourself to check out the spinal medicine care available at SSI in Mount Pleasant, SC. SSI keeps up with technological advancements, so they’re always one step ahead.