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Does Your Diet Affect Your Spine?

Is My Diet Damaging My Spine? When the diet you consume is unhealthy, you miss out on the necessary nutrients that your bones and muscles need, which can affect your spine health. There may not be a direct link, such as the path from eating donuts to suffering back pain, but the indirect link does […]

Simple Stretches You Can Do at Home

Sometimes, all you need is a few good back stretches to work out the kinks. But you shouldn’t just dive into stretching your back without proper preparation and instruction. You can just as easily create back problems from stretching the wrong way as you can from lifting weights incorrectly. Whether you’re undergoing treatment for a […]

When’s the Best Time to Stretch?

When you think about your health, you may not consider flexibility, but it’s one of the five components of ultimate physical fitness. Your muscles are like rubber bands. When a rubber band is short and tight and you apply force, it breaks easily. A longer, more elastic rubber band can withstand more force. Stretching — […]

10 Tips for Preventing a Hunched Back

A hunched back, sometimes referred to as a dowager’s hump, is primarily associated with older women, but men are just as susceptible to developing a rounded back as women. Clinically called kyphosis, curvature of the spine usually happens slowly over the years as a culmination of poor posture and constant bending over — for example, […]

Strength vs. Flexibility: What’s More Important for Your Back?

Don’t overlook back strength when you start an exercise regimen. While flexibility is important, back strength helps you maintain your overall health and well-being. Your spine supports your neck and spinal column. When you have weak back muscles, you limit your range of motion and can develop sprains or muscle spasms. Over time, these aches […]

Dancing and Your Back

If you love to dance, but have back problems, learn how to move properly so you can keep dancing. If you haven’t had back issues yet, take precautions to prevent them. If you experience a nagging back pain from dancing, your spine physician at the Southeastern Spine Institute near Charleston, SC, can diagnose and treat […]

The Benefits of a Standing Desk

Prolonged sitting — at a desk, in front of a computer — leads to poor posture that causes issues from neck and back pain to shoulder and arm muscle stress. When your body is in a resting position, you tend to lean forward, which adds pressure to your spine and neck. Even just sitting for […]

When to See a Spine Physician

Neglecting your back leads to a host of problems, from simple pain to infirmity. The muscles, ligaments, bones and discs in your back have phenomenal strength and durability, which allow you a full range of flexibility. The intricate arrangement enables you to: Walk Bend Sit Twist Lift heavy objects Maintain your posture Support body weight […]

How to Develop Strong Bones

During your childhood, your skeleton naturally grows in size and density. As you age, good habits lay the foundation for future bone health. While it’s true that childhood and adolescence are important times for bone development, there are several steps you can take to improve your bone health when you’re an adult, including: Increasing your […]

The Best Sleeping Positions

Finding the best sleeping positions to fit the uniqueness of your body can make a major difference in how you feel when you wake up. As you age, the way you sleep directly influences the amount of pain your body feels. A good night’s sleep also serves to alleviate many age-related mobility problems. Being aware […]