The Southeastern Spine Institute

Stress is an inescapable reality of modern-day life. It surrounds you, whether you’re aware of it or not. Yet when you think about stress, your mind may leap to how you feel during:

  • Your morning commutes
  • Situations at work
  • Financial hardships
  • Family disagreements

But physical discomfort like back pain causes stress, too. When you’re feeling stress or back pain, you can try at-home remedies such as lying down to ease your physical symptoms. To soothe your emotions and calm your mind, you can try meditation. But if your pain — physical or emotional — continues, you may need professional treatment.

Under Stress, Your Body Causes Pain

A major increase in stress levels can alter your daily routine. If the pain and the inconvenience caused by stress are all you can think about, you’re not mindful of healthy alternatives or proper posture. Under stress, you may:

  • Do less physical activity
  • Eat a less nutritious diet
  • Slouch more
  • Gain weight

These consequences of stress can put strain on your lower back. When stress is one of your back pain causes, you need to take steps to reduce or remove the stress from your life. If you keep living with stress, it can do real damage to your body. If you’re finding it hard to manage chronic back pain, the spine specialists at Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) can get you from back pain to full recovery, which reduces your stress levels substantially.

Back Pain Causes Problems Elsewhere

Working in office environments is a major contributor to back pain causes. Sitting in front of a computer with your shoulders hunched forward over time strains the lower back. And when one area of your back is strained or injured, the other areas overcompensate, causing muscles and ligaments to pull, bones to push out of alignment and nerves to become impinged. All this causes pain.

If you’re in pain and make an appointment to see your doctor at SSI, you may discover that the leg pain you’re experiencing is due to a back issue. It’s possible that the tingling you feel in your fingers stems from a pinched nerve in your neck. In the same way, a twisted ankle can eventually lead to back pain.

Because of this phenomenon, you need to see a specialist who has the tools to find the real cause of your pain, no matter where it is. SSI has all the diagnostic equipment under one roof to find the source of your discomfort.

Manage Your Stress and Ease Your Back Pain

Back pain, like any physical limitation, can lead to depression, frustration and a host of other emotions. But there is hope for you. Regardless of the level your pain — whether dealing with complications post-surgery or experiencing something as common as a neck strain — you have treatment options available.

By changing how you react to the stressors in your life, you can greatly improve the health of your back. Increasing your exercise routine, eating better foods, doing more of the activities that bring you joy, coupled with physical therapy when needed, brings relief you thought was no longer possible.

If you’ve been dealing with pain for longer than three weeks, which is the definition of chronic pain, it’s time to visit a spine specialist. Your doctor at SSI finds your back pain causes. Then you’ll get the treatment you need to return to a pain-free life. SSI has a dedicated staff ready to provide you with solutions to your pain and get you back to 100 percent.