The Southeastern Spine Institute

Welcome to Our Blog

Innovation, dedication, customer-focused — these are just a few of the values we hold in high regard at the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI). So it is in that spirit that we introduce a new feature to our website:  a fresh new blog dedicated to you. We call it Spine Health for a Lifetime.

In this space, we will provide you with the spine health information you need to make informed choices about your back care, as well as news and tips for healthy living. We not only want to heal your back pain, we want to give you tips that will help prevent you from having to return to our facility in Mount Pleasant, SC.

What Is In a Blog?

This blog will feature tips to help you keep your spine strong and healthy. We also may add some in-depth articles about the many procedures available through SSI, but we promise that we will not use this blog for advertisements. Our goal is to educate you, not sell you our services. We hope to build up a library of accurate, reliable information that you can use as a resource when you need it.

Expect to find the latest innovations in back treatment, tips on how to keep your back healthy, workout trends, mind/body connections, nutrition advice, how-to’s for maintaining a healthy back at work — as well as suggestions geared specifically for children, parents and seniors. We may also give shout-outs to other innovators in the field and share inspirational stories from the field.

A Blog Is a Two-Way Street

We welcome your questions and comments about individual articles, called posts. Send us suggestions for topics you would like to see covered. This is a resource we trust will be both useful and entertaining. Since you have so many options for getting information, we plan on presenting valuable tips you can use right away.

If you find one of our posts particularly useful, feel free to send it to your friends and family. Why keep it to yourself? Others can benefit from this information, too.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope you find the value in the posts you’ll read here in the future. Remember, it’s all about Spine Health for a Lifetime.