The Southeastern Spine Institute

Waking Up Without Back Pain

Back pain relief is the ultimate outcome of back surgery.

Age and injury are the leading causes of back pain in the United States, but it doesn’t have to cripple you. While nearly 80 percent of all Americans will suffer back pain at some point in their lives (and more than 30 million Americans currently have back pain), most can relieve their pain with:

The goal of all these treatments is back pain relief, however, not correcting a medical condition or severe injury. When you have a serious condition, your doctor may recommend surgery. The goal of back surgery is to stop the pain at its source by correcting the root problem. The ultimate outcome of back surgery is waking up every morning without back pain.

Types of Back Surgery

Back pain relief doesn’t happen with the wave of a magic wand. It takes knowledge, technology and skill — things you’ll find in abundance at the Southeastern Spine Institute. The spine specialists and surgeons at SSI work together, across disciplines and specialties, to accurately diagnose and treat back problems. As a result, fewer than 10 percent of all patients at SSI end up needing back surgery.

If you’re among those few who need surgery, your surgeon at SSI will match the most appropriate procedure to alleviate your condition. Long-term back pain relief is still the main objective. The type of surgery you need may be one of the following:

Back Pain Relief for You

So when you come in for an examination at SSI, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re in knowledgeable, skilled and caring hands. Even if surgery is recommended for you, know that your doctor wants what’s best for your long-term well-being. After the procedure and a period of recovery, you can look forward to a life without back pain.

Imagine back pain relief so thorough, so pervasive, that you never again even think about it. Imagine waking up every morning looking forward to the day’s activities without having to consider how you’ll manage your pain. Imagine not just returning to a normal life, but being able to return to a level of activity that you haven’t known since before your back pain began. That’s what successful back surgery can mean.

Trust the Southeastern Spine Institute

When you’re in pain, contact the Southeastern Spine Institute for a thorough exam and testing to determine the cause of your back pain. Pain relief starts with an accurate diagnosis, and SSI has the latest techniques and technology to determine the exact cause of your pain.

Chances are, you won’t need surgery to relieve your pain. But if you do, the team at SSI will take care of you. Ultimate back pain relief means waking up each and every day free of pain. It means being limitation-free. It means no longer troubled by back pain. Your life without pain transforms not only your activity level, but also your mental state. Imagine it.