The Southeastern Spine Institute

When the Southeastern Spine Institute moved to its new location at 1625 Hospital Drive, the practice upgraded more than just its address. The new facility can now boast more spacious outpatient procedure rooms, as well as all the latest diagnostic and treatment equipment. There’s more parking, too.

But equally important: the facility is brand new, meaning it employs the absolute latest technology. Southeastern Spine now has larger MRIs, which are more comfortable and efficient. Patients can go into the MRI feet first, which reduces the feeling many people have of being closed in during the test.

Additionally, the upgraded Ambulatory Surgery Center now has six treatment rooms. There are more than 20 recovery areas, too. Plus, if needed, they can handle overnight patient stays.

Keeping You Safe from the Coronavirus

Being in a brand-new building also makes The Southeastern Spine Institute perfectly suited to handle the coronavirus. Keeping you safe is Job #1. The doctors and staff take every precaution to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Southeastern Spine has been doing extra cleaning, more disinfecting, temperature checks and social distancing. But the spine health providers don’t stop there. They now offer virtual exams for certain ailments. Plus, you can wait in your car for your in-person visit until you’re called in.

You don’t have to expose yourself to the virus to have your back pain treated. People fear going to the hospital because that’s where COVID-19 patients are treated. At Southeastern Spine, doctors focus solely on your back and joint pain. You’re at less of a risk of exposure to the virus than at a hospital or a family doctor’s office.

No Need to Go Anywhere Else

When you visit Southeastern Spine, you’re going to a full-service, one-stop medical facility. You don’t have to go anywhere else for diagnostic testing, laboratory tests, in-office treatments, extensive out-patient procedures, in-house pharmacy or physical therapy.

Whatever your doctor needs to diagnosis your specific problem, it’s available in the new Southeastern Spine facility: MRIm, Electromyogram (EMG) tests, digital x-rays and fluoroscopy. Only with a correct diagnosis can you receive proper treatment.

A Full Range of Treatment Options

Your spine physicians always begin your treatment with non-invasive procedures, from simple lifestyle modification to physical therapy.  Sometimes, a simple spine block injection is all you need to get out of pain. Minimally invasive out-patient surgery also available — but it’s always the last option.

In addition to the six ambulatory surgery rooms, extensive treatment rooms provide the latest technology for painless treatments. No matter what you need, the spine doctors at The Southeastern Spine Institute have it at their fingertips. There’s even a physical therapy center specifically designed for spine-related conditions.

Don’t Wait in Pain

When you’re suffering with severe back or neck pain, you can’t wait for the pandemic to end to seek help. To get out of pain, come in to Southeastern Spine for fast, effective and safe treatments to help you get back to your active life.

The range of treatment options in the new facility is staggering! Everything you need is still under one roof, but now in a new modern state-of-the-art facility. The Southeastern Spine Institute is always one step ahead, and now you can be too!

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