The Southeastern Spine Institute

The Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) is a top-rated medical facility, the largest medical practice in South Carolina specializing in spine-only care. And while you can get an accurate diagnosis for your back pain and the best care for your illness or injury at SSI, part of their mission is to educate the public. And SSI goes to great lengths to provide information to you.

When you consider that each educational initiative takes time and significant resources, you’ll understand the value that SSI provides. For example, some of the ways that the spinal experts at SSI reach out include:

  • The Southeastern Spine Institute website, listing many medical conditions and treatments
  • A blog of informative articles and insightful tips that you can read at your leisure
  • A number of helpful ebooks available for you to download
  • A series of medical videos — one medical documentary after another — that you can watch

Why a Medical Documentary?

A video can capture more than the facts. And these expert videos follow several patients as they go from hurting to healing. Each medical documentary shows you the impact that the right treatment can have on your life. As such, they’re powerful ways to see the benefits of spinal medicine.

And a video allows you to learn without reading. Not everyone likes to read. The website, blog and ebooks all require extensive reading. A video, on the other hand, lets you sit back and take it all in. You can follow the individual patient stories while learning about the doctors and procedures at the Southeastern Spine Institute.

How the Medical Videos Originated

The series of 13 medical videos (and counting) were originally produced to air on television, and all of them did at one time or another. You may still find them on local channels. But they’ve been digitized and given their own page on the SSI website. They’re always available, meaning you can watch them anytime.

Each professionally produced medical documentary is about 28 minutes long, and each features different stories. Vanessa Hill, a local Charleston personality, hosts the series. By watching several of the videos, you can learn a lot about:

  • The different ways you can hurt your back
  • Many of the various treatment options available at SSI
  • The services offered at SSI
  • The senior SSI physicians
  • How immensely painful back injuries and illnesses can be
  • The significant change successful spine procedures produce

The Medical Videos of SSI

Watching a medical documentary may not seem like a lot of fun, but these videos move right along, as the stories intersect the information, presenting an entertaining mix of personal accounts and professional knowledge. The 13 currently available medical videos — once known as “The Age of Spinal Medicine” — include:

  1. Our First Show
  2. Technology Edition
  3. The Patient’s Perspective
  4. Questions and Answers
  5. Diagnosis and Treatment
  6. One Patient at a Time
  7. Spine Care of a Lifetime
  8. On the Road to Spine Health
  9. On Location
  10. Back in Charleston
  11. Getting Back After Back Pain
  12. Why It’s Called an Institute
  13. No Reason to Live in Pain

Visit the Medical Documentary page of the SSI website to view these videos. Maybe you’ll learn something about your own back pain. Maybe you’ll finally see that there’s a treatment for your condition. Maybe you’ll come to understand that you’re not alone in battling back pain.