The Southeastern Spine Institute

The Advantage of “Everything Under One Roof”

The Southeastern Spine Institute advertises “everything under one roof,” but what does that really mean and how does it really help you when you’re in pain? Like many of the people who come to SSI, you’re there because of a problem:

  • Back pain
  • Leg, neck or back stiffness
  • Throbbing or shooting pain
  • Lack of mobility

There are so many reasons why you’re experiencing your symptoms that even the highly trained doctors at SSI have work to do to make a correct diagnosis. Your spine doctor will take a complete medical history and perhaps have you undergo a series of diagnostic tests to discover the exact cause of your pain or discomfort.

Then, your back doctor has to determine the best course of action to treat your ailment. Since the SSI philosophy encourages conservative treatment, surgery is usually the last resort. You may try pain management or physical therapy before other, more invasive treatments are considered. This course of action benefits you, since no one wants surgery if it is avoidable.

Available Resources

On the Southeastern Spine Institute’s campus in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, you have access to every type of state-of-the-art diagnostic tool, from digital X-rays and MRIs to digital fluoroscopy and ultrasounds. Whatever your back doctor might want to test, he can have it done on the same campus.

The same is true for treatment options. If you need physical therapy, SSI has a functional, fully staffed physical therapy department. SSI can provide pain management, rehab facilities and non-surgical procedures. And of course, SSI surgeons can perform spinal surgery in their own certified ambulatory surgical center, South Carolina’s only ambulatory surgical center dedicated to spine surgeries.

SSI now has 125 medical professionals practicing under one roof on SSI’s campus. Our nurses, surgeons, therapists, doctors, technicians, nurse practitioners and even receptionists work hard for one reason: to relieve your pain and heal you.

No Waiting

SSI’s founders, had the vision to put everything a back care patient might need under one roof. It was no accident. When departments co-exist and work together, you ultimately benefit. Diagnoses can be made faster and care delivered quicker. You don’t need to wait for a referral and a new appointment. When you come to the Southeastern Spine Institute, you can get the treatment you need, oftentimes in one visit.

No one wants to put off relief. By the time you get to SSI, you have most likely suffered enough. The advantage of “everything under one roof” becomes obvious if you can be diagnosed and treated on the same day, during the same visit.

If you’ve been putting off medical attention because your pain is “bearable,” it’s time to contact the Southeastern Spine Institute to have it addressed. It won’t go away on its own, and it’s only likely to get worse. Come see for yourself the advantage of having everything under one roof.