The Southeastern Spine Institute

You don’t need to be interested in body-building to practice safe weightlifting. The effects of healthful weightlifting habits help you treat back pain as well as build back strength. Rely on experienced guidance from your physical therapist at the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) to develop a regular routine and safe habits. Your road to recovery and back strength won’t be a long one.

Finding the best routine for your weightlifting goals means practicing safe techniques. With an injured back, you may have limited mobility, so follow your physical therapist’s instructions closely and don’t overexert yourself. Start out slow and easy, while working your way into a routine designed to help you reach your goals.

Tips for Safe Weightlifting

When you start out lifting weights, you don’t immediately become a superstar bodybuilder. So taking things slow is ideal for finding the perfect balance and routine for your needs. Safe weightlifting begins with learning tips that keep you healthy and injury-free. These tips are good for when you start weightlifting and best to keep in mind as you progress. Some of the tips to learn before you start your back strengthening and back pain reduction journey include:

  • Practice proper form.
  • Be sure to exhale when you exert force on a weight and inhale when you release; this prevents you from holding your breath while you’re working out.
  • Keep up with your practice. Weightlifting two to three times a week is ideal.
  • Always warm up before a weight workout with light aerobics. Straining your muscles in a weightlifting workout without warming them up first can lead to injuries like pulled muscles or strained tendons.
  • Stop immediately if you feel pain. Overexerting yourself can lead to pain. Don’t continue your workout if there is excessive pain.

A personal trainer helps you develop safe weightlifting practices while also giving you tips on technique and a proper routine. A trainer also provides the motivation to keep up the workout. You have to continue any strength-building routine on a regular basis, or you risk falling back into old inactive patterns. “Use it or lose it” is a good rule to follow when you want to reap the rewards of weightlifting.

Weightlifting for Beginners

Start out slow to building a safe and proper weightlifting routine for yourself. Start with weight training twice a week for half an hour each session. Use weights you can lift eight to 12 times in repetition. Some weightlifting exercises and recommendations include:

  • Lifting dumbbells overhead strengthens your triceps for in everyday activities.
  • A dumbbell shoulder press strengthens the shoulders to keep you strong.
  • A glute/hip press helps keep you mobile.
  • Front squats while holding weights support your core and legs.
  • Chin-ups or pull-ups rely on your body weight for resistance.

The benefits of safe weightlifting reach far beyond staying fit and healthy. With a proper technique, continuous sessions and a safe routine, weightlifting reduces back pain and increases your back strength. Before considering weightlifting as an option for back pain reduction, be sure to consult your SSI doctor to make sure it’s the right fit for you.