The Southeastern Spine Institute

Every facet of spinal medicine in one place

Usually, when you go to see a medical specialist, you see one doctor. That specialist — whether you need orthopedic care, spinal medicine or a gastroenterologist — examines you, asks some questions and maybe orders more tests. And then you’re off and running.

Fortunately, most medical practices can handle simple blood and urine tests. But you have to drive over there for X-rays. Then go across town for a stress test. And then back to the specialist’s for a final analysis. In a busy time of year, the whole process — just for a diagnosis — can take weeks.

Not So for Spinal Medicine

When you come to the Southeastern Spine Institute’s campus in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, you’ve just entered a medical bubble. Everything you need to be diagnosed accurately and treated appropriately is right there. You don’t have to drive all over the South to find services. You don’t need to wait weeks for an appointment.

When it comes to spinal medicine, no place is more complete than the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI). It’s the largest medical practice in the state that focuses solely on back care and treatment. SSI claims everything under one roof, and it’s true. Whatever you need to relieve your back pain, you can find here:

Beyond Simple Diagnostics

Because of the extensive array of diagnostic tools available to the spinal physicians and surgeons at SSI, you get the best back care. But it’s not just the tools and technology that make spinal medicine at SSI so unique and comprehensive. Each department is not housed in an ivory tower, cut off from one another — which is what you might find in a large hospital.

At SSI, the various departments collaborate. If your spine doctor thinks you need an X-ray, he sends you to the imaging department, and then he confers with the tech. If he thinks you may need surgery, he sends for a surgeon to talk to both of you. SSI is an integrated practice with one goal: making the right diagnosis and treating it properly.

Spinal Medicine Done Right

As a result, you can get a second opinion quickly, because SSI is staffed by expert physicians and experienced surgeons. Normally, you won’t talk to just one doctor during your visit. You have a whole team of experienced medical practitioners if you need them.

You may never need a spine block or a fluoroscopic exam, but it’s comforting to know those services are on campus if you do. You may not need back surgery, but it’s good to know that SSI has an ambulatory surgical center on campus, just in case. Spinal medicine requires many specialties, and they’re all located at 1106 Chuck Dawley Boulevard in Mt. Pleasant, SC.