The Southeastern Spine Institute

In an effort to provide even more educational information about back care and spinal medicine, the doctors at the Southeastern Spine Institute in Mount Pleasant, SC, have gone to great lengths. For example, they’ve added spine animations to their website. These animations explain the conditions that can inflict your spine, as well as the corrective procedures performed at the Institute. If you’re considering a non-surgical or surgical procedure to address your back pain, view the animation to learn more about it.

The Southeastern Spine Institute also has commissioned a series of insightful commercial television medical documentaries that follow patients with a variety of ailments on their paths back to health. These films, each about 30 minutes long, introduce new spinal medicine techniques, show interviews with patients and doctors, and provide informative, uplifting stories about the latest in spinal medicine.

New Efforts to Reach Out

But not everyone watches TV. You may not want to sit through a 30-minute video or an animation about back pain. Sometimes, if you have back pain, just sitting at a computer can be painful. So the doctors at the Southeastern Spine Institute have developed a new strategy to ensure everyone can get the information: ebooks.

Written in an informal style that makes their subject matter easier to understand, ebooks cover a variety of topics, such as spinal medicine breakthroughs and back care tips. Each ebook is available for download from the Southeastern Spine Institute website as a PDF (or Portable Document Format file). You can print it out or read it on a computer or tablet with the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, available for free at

eBook Topics

Currently, the Southeastern Spine Institute has five spinal medicine ebooks ready for you to download:

  1. Preventing Back Pain, which provides great back care tips
  2. Popular Subjects and FAQs, which answers frequently asked questions about spinal medicine
  3. Back Surgery 101, which discusses topics related to back surgery
  4. How to Make a Full Recovery from Back Surgery, which lists back care tips that help you to a faster post-op recovery
  5. Symptoms and Diagnoses, which identifies physical symptoms and their potential causes

Each ebook has between 11 and 14 short chapters. Each chapter averages about three or four pages, meaning you can easily read one when you have a few spare minutes. The digital books range in length from 39 to 48 pages, so a whole ebook is really a quick read. And they’re packed with useful information.

You don’t even have to read the whole ebook. Skim the table of contents for just the subjects you want to know more about and go to that page. While each ebook has a focus, the contents are general enough so that there’s usually something for everyone in each book.

Get Your eBooks Now

You can download one ebook or the whole set. They are provided free of charge, since the goal is not to make money, but to educate you and your families. To get your ebook:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the desired ebook title — the ebook loads in your browser
  3. From this page, you can:
    • Read or browse the ebook, increasing the size if you need to
    • Download the ebook onto your computer or tablet
    • Print the ebook from your local printer (caution: each book contains full-color photos)

These eBooks represent one more way that the doctors of the Southeastern Spine Institute are trying to provide you with back care tips and spinal medicine educational materials. So the next time you come into the office, you’ll be a little more “in the know.” You can say, “I read about that in your ebook!”