The Southeastern Spine Institute

When your back hurts, you may be one of those people who immediately calls the doctor. But not everyone visits a doctor at the first sign of pain. If that describes you, you may admit to asking Dr. Google a question or two. The danger of searching the internet for answers is threefold:

  1. You may not know the right questions to ask.
  2. You can’t be absolutely sure that the information you find is correct.
  3. You also don’t know if the information applies to you.

Your first instincts may be correct: the information you seek is out there on the internet. But you still need to be able to trust the source and apply it appropriately to your condition. Dr. Google has been known to cause stress and worry about illnesses that have nothing to do with you, even if a few of the symptoms are similar. Instead of a hit-or-miss approach, you now have the option of watching professional medical documentaries online before you make that important call to your physician.

Find a Trusted Source

You’re always well-advised to seek medical counsel in person. Your back pain may just be a pulled muscle, not a degenerated disc, even though your symptoms feel the same. But if you decide to do a little online investigating, at least start with a source you know you can trust: the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI).

SSI is the only spine-focused medical practice in South Carolina, and it attracts patients from surrounding states as well. Its popularity is due to the expertise, patient care and leading-edge treatments available all under one roof. SSI’s website offers a wealth of knowledge about your spine, from its anatomy to the conditions that can cause pain and available treatments.

So Many Available Resources

SSI supplies you with vital information about the care and treatment of back pain through a host of channels, such as:

But the newest resource for you to take advantage of are the streaming medical documentaries. These videos easily play on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can watch them almost anywhere, and they require less than a half-hour commitment.
The streaming service for these medical documentaries is free. Currently, there are 15 of them ready for you to watch. Go to or click on the Streaming menu option at the top of the SSI homepage. Pick the documentary you want to watch and let the video play on your screen.

How Medical Documentaries Educate You

Each of the videos follows several cases as the doctors and staff of SSI discover the cause of excruciating or limiting back pain. The patients explain in their own words what their symptoms were and how the treatments worked. The doctors detail the illness or spinal damage these patients have endured.

If you’re suffering from similar symptoms, you can follow along with the explanations and the treatments you may need to get successful results. These documentaries provide hope if you don’t think anything will work for you. They may also provide a clear path to a cure … a path that leads right to the Southeastern Spine Institute.