The Southeastern Spine Institute

It’s a PT kind of holiday season.

One of the main reasons you’re undergoing physical therapy is to get back to your life, with all its challenges and joy. So if you’re worrying about how your regular physical therapy session will work during the holiday season — stop right there. Because worry and stress are the last things your Charleston physical therapy doctors want you to do while you recover.

Even under the best circumstances, the holiday season can bring added stress to your days. Family pressures, money issues, time constraints, too many (or not enough) invitations to follow up on… the list is endless. Remember to take care of yourself and everything else will work itself out. So stay focused and you won’t have missed a beat in your Charleston physical therapy progress.

Plan Ahead

Your calendar is your friend, as are your spinal doctors at the Southeastern Spine Institute. Stick to a routine that involves regular PT appointments made well in advance.

  • Whenever possible, schedule your Charleston physical therapy appointment on days you have planned for wrapping presents or baking, days you’ll keep your workload light and at home.
  • Let friends and family know that physical therapy is an integral part of your life at the moment, but that you can schedule parties and plans around your appointments.
  • Create menus when you are hosting events that include the kinds of foods on your diet. Bring dishes to potlucks that will help you maintain your health and speed your recovery.
  • Ask guests in advance to help you set up and clean up so that you don’t have to tax your body any more than necessary while you’re still recovering and going through physical therapy.
  • Carry your calendar with you at all times so that you can say “no” when you already have time set aside for a Charleston physical therapy session or for much-needed rest.

Line Up the Coping Techniques

Many people undergoing physical therapy to regain their strength dread the holidays and all the pressures it brings. While you may try to plan for every contingency, remember that you will likely have to deal with potentially negative feelings that creep up and put a damper on your holiday spirit.

  • Talk to your Charleston physical therapy specialist about your concerns. She may have just the right tips for you to get you through the tough times.
  • Share your feelings at a support group or with a trusted friend who won’t judge you or try to change how you feel. You’ll find that often just saying it out loud releases an emotional pressure valve.
  • Ask your physical therapist for a referral to a counselor if your feelings are interfering with your ability to function or if continuing depression lingers. Acknowledging your feelings to a professional can help you lessen the stress you’re feeling.
  • Put some mental health plans in your holiday schedule. Turn off the phone, lie down, take a walk or do some gentle yoga exercises approved by your therapist.
  • Watch your alcohol intake. While drinking may seem to lighten your mood, it is a depressant that can end up adding to your distress. Furthermore, it can put you in dangerous physical situations you can’t handle while undergoing physical therapy. Check with your therapist to make sure alcohol will not have an adverse effect with medications you may be taking.

Your Charleston physical therapy is designed to enhance your life, not cramp your style. So keep your appointments, talk to your physical therapist about your concerns and above all, enjoy the holidays, knowing that you are on the road to recovery.