The Southeastern Spine Institute

The more you know about back pain, the better armed you are to prevent further damage. With education, you can work with your doctor to make treatment decisions, too. Watch for live seminars coming this summer from the back pain experts at the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Back pain can be tricky. It’s not always easy to figure out the source of your pain. Even your general practitioner doesn’t know all the medical reasons you’re in pain. They’re called general practitioners because they know about a lot of different topics.

That’s where specialists play a role in your health. Specialists focus on a single branch of medicine. There’s a lot to learn about back pain and that really requires a full-time commitment, targeted study and years of hands-on experience.

Spine Doctors Specialize in Back Pain

The spine physicians at SSI are specialists in all matters concerning your back. These doctors understand the anatomy of your back, which includes the:

  • Vertebral bones
  • Cushioning intervertebral discs
  • Back muscles
  • Connective tendons
  • Anchoring ligaments
  • Protective cartilage
  • Spinal column
  • Nerve network
  • Supportive soft tissues

When you feel back pain, it can originate in any of these components. So the doctor you visit has to narrow the potential causes through the diagnostic process, which involves an examination, a medical history and possibly imaging tests.

SSI Outreach Efforts for Education

You can learn enough about your back to understand why you’re in pain. And the doctors at SSI want to share that information with you. They know that when you understand what’s causing your pain, you’re in a better position to make treatment decisions with your doctor. Education is a win-win situation that makes better doctor-patient relationships.

The Southeastern Spine Institute goes above and beyond to help you learn about back pain. The ways that SSI reaches out to you include:

Spend some time with any or all of these resources, and you’ll learn about back pain, guaranteed. You can learn by reading, by watching or by scanning graphics. And these educational resources are all available for free to anyone with an internet connection.

A New Way to Learn About Back Pain

But one element is lacking in the outreach initiatives SSI has provided so far: the human touch. So, coming soon to a location near you, a team from the Southeastern Spine Institute is going to conduct a live seminar to teach you about your back. The presenters will explain why your back hurts from injuries and ailments. And they’ll answer specific questions.

Stay tuned for the details of the seminar, to be held in early June. Check your May newsletter from SSI so you know the latest about the where, the when and the how (to sign up). This first live seminar promises to provide an education you can’t get anywhere else. And it will be free to you — because educating patients is one of the missions of the staff at SSI.