The Southeastern Spine Institute

While the spinal physicians at the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) take every measure before resorting to surgery for your back pain, sometimes it’s the only treatment that will work. And when you have the option of choosing a good time to undergo a procedure, you may believe that winter’s the best season to grab a little downtime.

In winter, the weather doesn’t call you to go outdoors, or maybe it’s just the best time to take advantage of a slowdown at work. Whatever your reason, winter actually is good time to visit the campus of SSI because of its proximity to Charleston, SC, and all the wonderful winter treats that fill the Holy City.

Winter Weather in Charleston, SC

Mt. Pleasant, where the 3-acre SSI campus lies, is just minutes from downtown Charleston, SC. Since it’s located in the coastal region of the state, the weather remains mild year-round. In fact, it’s the summer months that often are considered the most uncomfortable because of the excessive humidity coming off the Atlantic.

Charleston, SC, does enjoy four seasons, however mild they may be. The temperature rarely dips below 50 degrees, and in January — typically the coldest month of the year — you’ll experience temps in the high 50s during the day. So while you spend a few days recuperating from your back surgery, you and your travelling companions or caregivers likely won’t be subject to harsh winter weather.

Outdoor Activities

Walking is one of the best rehab activities you can do following back surgery — as long as you have the OK from your back surgeon. So take advantage of some of the Charleston, SC, sites that are especially inviting during the winter:

  • The ferry that leaves Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston continues all year long. The ride across the bay to Fort Sumter is brisk and refreshing. Hot cocoa is served onboard for the approximately 30-minute ride. Walk the grounds of the historic site on a tour that lasts about an hour.
  • Stroll through the historic district of Charleston, SC, to take in all the sights and sounds of the winter holidays. Many homes have been turned into museums and those that are occupied participate in decorating the town. A Holiday Walking Tour takes you through alleys and side roads where not even carriages can go.

Indoor Fun

Since Charleston, SC, is globally recognized as one of the epicurean centers of the foodie universe, you won’t have any trouble finding interesting and glorious meals in the city during the cooler winter months. Afterward, take a short walk to ward off stiffness by visiting one of the many museums or by shopping for yourself or for your loved ones. Make sure you get to see:

  • The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon, built in the 18th century; it was the center of trade in the port town. Underground in the dungeon, you’ll see where some of the most notorious criminals of the times were held.
  • The endless shopping opportunities in Charleston; there’s so much that you might need to pace yourself. Spread your shopping trips over a few days so you don’t overdo it after your back surgery. From the high-end clothiers and boutiques on King Street to the many local vendors in the Charleston City Market, wintertime in Charleston offers you a lot to see and do.