The Southeastern Spine Institute

A sore back not only causes you to lose sleep, but tossing and turning at night may also be the cause of your back pain. You can create a vicious cycle of unending back pain if you can’t get comfortable while you sleep. While you should start with a good mattress, you also should invest in the best pillows for your spine.

Change how you sleep and buy the best pillows to help prevent back pain. As you begin to look into the right pillow specifically for you, consider your sleeping habits and posture. Does your back hurt when you’re lying on your side? Do you feel any pain in your shoulders, neck or lower back? Proper pillow support prevents back pain while you sleep.

Mindset for Choosing the Correct Pillow

The best pillows for preventing back pain depend on your needs. Each type of pillow has different characteristics. Pay attention to where your body hurts, then ask your back specialist at the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) what you need for support to minimize your back pain.

Specific details of design and manufacture make effective pillows. The factors to consider when looking for your pillow include:

  • The size and measurements of your body
  • Your sleep habits
  • Where you suffer chronic back pain
  • What treatments you’re undergoing for back pain

When Choosing Your Pillow

The best pillows for you are ones that fit your body. The size and the proportions of your shoulder affect the type of pillow best suited for you. If you have wide shoulders, for example, you may need a thicker pillow. Your goal is to be able to rest your head comfortably when lying on your side, which is the most common sleeping position, and the most effective for eliminating back pain.

Another factor when choosing a pillow is its construction. The filling should be soft yet supportive. Many people find memory foam provides the right combination of comfort and support. Consider the breathability of a pillow, too, as some pillows capture heat and make you sweat, making you uncomfortable and likely to move into positions that exacerbate your back problems.

Types of Pillows for Pain Prevention

Once you begin shopping around, you’ll find many types of pillows on the market. Claims made by manufacturers include marketing material and may not necessarily provide the best source of information to meet your needs. The Better Sleep Council suggests that sleeping on your side is the best way to ease lower back and hip pain. Some of the most highly rated pillows for preventing back pain include:

Match your body to your new pillow so it gives you the support you need.  If you really can’t decide, ask your SSI specialist for a recommendation.