The Southeastern Spine Institute

If you have back pain, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that as many as eight out of every 10 people experience back pain at some point during their lives. Eight out of 10! So you’re not alone if back pain is making your life a lot less enjoyable.

Even though back pain can limit your activities, the good news is that very often it can start to improve with home treatment within a few weeks. If your back pain doesn’t get better, however, it could indicate that something serious is going on. Your spine specialists at the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) understand the signs of serious back problems and can deliver pain relief.

Recognizing Serious Back Problems

Symptoms of serious back problems may not be obvious right away, and you may confuse them with other forms of illness. Even though you hope your symptoms will go away on their own, there are some signs you shouldn’t ignore.

Signs of serious back problems include:

  • Severe pain that doesn’t go away. When pain doesn’t go away on its own or start to subside after a week of home treatment, get checked out by a medical professional. Don’t ignore pain that radiates beyond your back, such as pain that shoots down your leg.
  • Fever or other signs of infection. When your back pain is accompanied by a fever or other signs of infection, such as headache or chills, it’s more than just a backache or a muscle strain.
  • Unexplained weight loss. Losing weight without trying while you’re experiencing back pain is a sign that can signal a serious condition. Don’t ignore it!
  • Weakness, numbness or tingling. Back discomfort accompanied by weakness, numbness or tingling in your arms or legs signifies a medical condition that should be evaluated by a doctor.
  • Problems with urination or bowels. When you’re having problems with bowel movements or urination at the same time as back pain, discuss your symptoms with a medical professional.

Getting Help for Serious Back Problems

When you’re experiencing pain that doesn’t go away along with inflammation you notice somewhere else in your body, the pain is your body’s effort to get your attention. Back pain can be a sign of an underlying medical condition, and when remedies such as ice and rest don’t bring you relief, it’s time to find out the underlying cause.

Make it easy on yourself and go directly to a back specialist, like those at SSI. The best way to care for your overall health is by having your symptoms evaluated. You and your doctor both need to find the cause of your pain. When you go to SSI, surgery is always the last resort, and there are many treatment options available before you get there.

Solutions for Back Pain

Listen to what your body is telling you. At SSI, specialists pinpoint what’s causing or aggravating your back pain. The first option may include simple physical therapy. If you do need surgery, it can be performed on the Mt. Pleasant campus. Usually, that means no hospital visit!

If you have problems with back pain, it’s time to find out exactly what’s going on. Only with an accurate diagnosis can a treatment plan be put in place to get you on the road to better health. The experts at SSI can help you decipher what your back pain really means and help you to return to a more enjoyable life.