The First Step

Be sure you really need surgery…get a second opinion…or a third.

We Can Help!

Using state-of–the art spine MRIs our physicians work in all areas of the Spine Medicine, including Spine Surgery, Pain Management, Neurosurgery, Physical Medicine and Rehab.

Together, our Doctors can diagnose and address the specific cause of your back or neck pain, with over 90% of our patients not requiring surgery to get better.

If You do Actually Need Surgery:

As the only Spine-Only Medical practice in Carolinas, The Southeastern Spine Institute utilizes the latest surgical technology and medical procedures, including laser, found anywhere in the country; so when you’re here, rest assured you’ve come to the right place.

Same Day Surgery:

Often your problem can be treated with what’s called, Micro Endoscopic Discectomy, a minimally invasive surgical procedure designed to relieve pain and allow the patient to often go home the same day.

Take The Next Step to Getting Back to Your Active Life Again.

Your journey to a pain-free future starts with an exam and proper diagnoses – so contact us now.

We Perform The Spinal Surgical Procedure Best Needed For Your Specific Condition.

Not all spine surgeries are right for all patients, so it important to make sure you are getting the best procedure for your specific back or neck problem.

Did you know that sometimes those one-size-fits-all techniques may even worsen the problem, and could result in the need for future procedures to correct the damage.

Here at the Southeastern Spine Institute we have many options for you, and our physicians have performed more than 25,000 surgeries over the past 25 years. When it comes to YOUR back, experience counts.

We Successfully Treat These Conditions