It seems like everywhere you turn these days, you hear about stem cells. That’s likely to be because of all the nearly miraculous advances that they’ve brought to modern medicine over the past decade. The future of medicine is now! And the research for future applications is about the only area more impressive than the results you’re already able to see from the therapies and treatments currently available.

Stem cells have revolutionized medical treatments. Many of the cases and conditions that would have once — and not very long ago — required surgery are being treated instead with non-invasive groundbreaking medical technology. Down time and recovery time have been reduced to virtually nothing; since most stem cell procedures can be performed by injections, not surgeries.

Innovation Is Ongoing

Stem cells seem to work as if they were made from magic. But the science behind them is much deeper than that. They actually promote healing and regeneration of your body’s natural tissues. That’s because they are from your body’s own natural tissues.

Whereas the traditional surgery for degenerative disc disease, for example, was performed to remove the problem area, stem cell treatment is the non-surgical alternative. When your very own cells are used, you don’t have to worry about whether or not there’s a match. Those cells are extracted from your bone marrow and injected directly into the injured part of your body.

The Difference Is Clear

If you talk to a person that has undergone treatments, you’ll find they can’t hide their enthusiasm. And even while they may not be 100 percent better, most patients are extremely happy with the 75 to 80 percent improvement that they’ve experienced.

If you live each day of your life in pain, then you understand the significance of those results. These are normal people that have been suffering too, and they finally have their lives back again. All because of stem cell treatments.

Ready to Live

If you’re ready to stop surviving and start living, contact the experts at the Southeastern Spine Institute. They’re not only leading the way in stem cell therapy, they are also making it accessible to everybody. While these cells can’t be used to treat all spinal conditions, the research is ongoing. Conditions that stem cell therapy will not currently help — as of 2017 — include:

  • Kyphosis
  • Severe spinal stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Scoliosis

Given their regenerative abilities, stem cells are giving new hope to paralyzed patients. It may be difficult for you to imagine a life in which your pain is so drastically reduced that it can be managed without the aid of addictive narcotics. The back pain specialists at Southeastern Spine may be able to make this your reality.

Results You Can Feel

The level of pain relief during your initial improvement is very likely to be something you notice right away. And MRI images confirm successful tissue repair. Now, with stem cell therapy, it’s possible for you to treat your problem before it’s ever allowed to progress to the point of needing surgery, something the Southeastern Spine Institute doctors always promote.

Contact Southeastern Spine Institute to see if you qualify for therapy with stem cells. Give your body the help it needs to heal itself. You deserve a higher quality of life.