Spine Animations

Spine Animations

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Poor posture can damage the spine and its associated muscles and ligaments. A hunched stance places abnormal stress on muscles and ligaments, causes backache and fatigue, and can even cause the spine to become fixed in an abnormal position.

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Specialists of the Southeastern Spine Institute

The Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) employs some the best spine care professionals in the Southeast, if not in the whole country. Our doctors fall into one of two categories: Spine Surgeons and Conservative Spine Care Physicians.

Spine Surgeons

All our spine surgeons are Board Certified or Board Eligible in Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Thomas Anderson is certified by the Board of Neurological Surgery.  In addition, each one has had formal, specialized training in the evaluation and surgical management of spine problems. Their training over the years has provided them with the expertise to surgically intervene when your condition requires this form of treatment and our physicians often work together to help get you the best possible outcome.

In general, though, fewer than 10 percent of our patients require surgery, and it can often be done in our own in-house surgery center (ASC). Most of the care we provide leans toward a conservative approach, which brings us to our…

Conservative Spine Care Physicians

Our conservative spine care physicians have training in physical medicine and rehabilitation. In addition, each has special training in the non-operative management of spine problems. Their special training includes performing EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies. They also specialize in safe spine and joint injections done under fluoroscopy.

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Read our doctor’s bios and backgrounds below. Better still, come in to meet us!

Donald R. Johnson II, M.D. Steven C. Poletti, M.D. Richard F. Frisch, M.D. Leonard E. Forrest, M.D. John F. Johnson, M.D. W. Blane Richardson, M.D. Mark D. Netherton, M.D. Thomas S. Anderson, M.D. German Levin, M.D. Ryan Harrison Nobles, M.D. Timothy P. Bryan, M.D.

Affiliated Physicians

George Trey Lee, M.D. Thomas C. Appleby, M.D. Marc S. Haro, MD, MSPT

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