How Twisting Affects Your Back

You need to twist to get in or out of your car, reach for the salt and pepper, pick up a baby or turn the pages of a newspaper. In fact, you probably spend more time twisting your back throughout the day than you realize. Your spine and back muscles control how you twist your […]

How to Set Up an Ergonomic Home Office

If you work at a desk for eight hours a day or more, consider the toll all that sitting takes on your body. In particular, your back bears the brunt of that activity. So take extra precautions to protect it from strain, injury and persistent aggravation. Whether you’re new to working from home or have […]

Keeping Your Back Healthy During Daily Activities

Due to its crucial function in keeping you moving and flexible, your spine is vulnerable to injury and disease, which cause discomfort and pain. Your problems can worsen if you don’t have them treated by an experienced spine physician. You may develop chronic back pain, which is debilitating and a major cause of disability. When you’re […]

Managing Chronic Back Pain

Low back pain is among the most common health complaints in the country. If you experience continuous back pain for three months or more, your pain is considered chronic. Chronic back pain can affect your productivity at work while also curtaining your daily activities. It’s also a major cause of disability. Chronic back pain can […]

Protecting Your Back While Working from Home

In 2020, more Americans work from home, but it’s a trend that started long before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. While this shift in work location offers some advantages, it also presents some challenges. If you’re among the millions of people who now work from home, either temporarily or permanently, you should learn how to protect […]

10 Ways to Keep Your Shoulders Working

When your shoulders are sore, even everyday activities like brushing your hair, driving or reaching for something in the cupboard can cause pain. That’s when you have to develop healthy habits to protect your shoulders from injury to remain mobile. Your shoulders form the crux from where all your arm movements begin. Each shoulder is […]

How to Properly Pick Things Up

Whether you’re in the process of doing a thorough spring cleaning, tackling big clean-up projects in your yard, helping a friend move or doing heavy lifting as part of your job, protect your back when doing any lifting. Lower back pain, often from improper lifting, is one of the most common reasons people visit the […]

Dealing with Back Pain Between SSI Visits

Back pain is often uncomfortable and even debilitating. So when your options for regular treatment become limited, you may reach your wit’s end. Similarly, if you have to wait a couple of weeks for your next appointment for a pain management treatment, your pain can make your life unmanageable. Your doctors at the Southeastern Spine […]

How Your Shoulders Affect Your Back

Hunching over computers and other electronic devices is one of the main causes of upper back and shoulder pain. Your shoulders and your back are intricately connected through bones, ligaments and tendons. When something is out of alignment or damaged, your pain tends to radiate. The doctors at the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) can help. […]

Teaching Kids about Back Care

Back pain is one of the most common problems in adults, but many overlook the possibility of preventing it at an early age. Teaching kids at a young age can eliminate many back problems later in life. Show them how to take care of their backs, the risks that lead to back pain and the […]